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Our process

  •  We randomly inspect the raw materials, but perform 100% quality check and see if there are any visible problems such as leakage and corrosion. 
  •  Cells plays a major role in battery performance, thus we never use recyled cells. We run a few full cycle of charge and discharge in order to ensure the cell capacity. 
  •  After all the raw materials passed the quality check, they are sent to production line to be assembled such as spot weldinig and soldering ... etc. 
  •  The assembled goods are sent to QC department to check on the performance. 
  •  Once the assembled goods passed the QC, our staff will do Ultra-Soinc Welding to ensure no break. 
  •  After the Ultra- Sonic welding, they goods will be sent to QC department once again to check if anything goes wrong during the Ultra-sonic welding stage.